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As a solopreneur, you’ve received an invitation to a space that few have the courage and tenacity to occupy.

You are cordially invited to the main event of building your business where you can live out your passion, work hard, sleep less, make a difference and ultimately leave your mark. You can attend this amazing gala solo or take a “plus one”. Which will you choose?

At Plus One Virtual Solutions, we understand the challenges of flying a business solo. Everything from time to resources are tightly wound around an ever growing list of limitations.

We believe that a strong support system is fundamental to creating a fertile ground for success; therefore, our team is not only dedicated to providing you with superior service, but also, walking beside you to give you support and encouragement along the way.

We understand the needs of our clients because as solopreneurs, we’ve walked in similar shoes. Let us show you how we can help your company grow.

Plus One Solutions provides fertile soil to grow your business.
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We understand the direct correlation between a strong online presence and the success of your company’s brand. With a variety of online services available to support your company’s growth and develpment, we are here to help you shine.

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Now more than ever, online marketing has become a necessity for small businesses. With approximately 85% of products and services being searched for online, developing a strategy to get your brand in front of buyers is a necessity. We’re here to help you find your voice and your tribe.


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While customers are the most important asset of any business, when you’re running a business solo, it can be a challenge to make regular, impactful connections without sacrificing other areas of your business. Let us step in to provide social media support that will help keep your customers engaged with your brand.

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Whether you want to sell a single e-book or an inventory of products, we can get you up and selling in no time. From store set-ups to product descriptions, we have you covered.


My name is Shannon Clark, and I am your Plus One Virtual Support Specialist. As a solopreneur with over 20 years of business experience, I understand the inherent pressures of building a business solo. While it’s not always a walk in the park, I know from personal experience that with the right support, creating a business you love is not only doable, but it’s absolutely worth it.

I, along with my growing team of specialty service providers are dedicated to you, your business, and your company’s success. Whether you’re just getting started or are well established, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs. We are multi-industry savvy and bring a high level of knowledge and professionalism to the table.

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[vc_willow_team_member_block name=”Maddie Flannigan” photo=”129″]“Thank you [Plus One Virtual Solutions] for filling a niche at an affordable price. Your expert advice on not only self-publishing but also branding and building a business was what I was looking for at such an important time for my company. Madalynne is growing steadily and its success is in part due to you”



[vc_willow_team_member_block name=”Steph Nissen” photo=”316″]“I used Shannon’s VA services for social media scheduling, video transcription, and reporting for my clients. She was an absolute breeze to work with! If you want a VA who stays on task, on time and does quality work – you have found the right one in Shannon. Not to mention, she’s a complete sweetheart! Thanks for all you did for me and my clients!”



[vc_willow_team_member_block name=”Melissa Mora” photo=”132″]“Shannon [of Plus One Virtual Solutions] has given me such peace of mind as an assistant. It’s great to be able to hand off tasks and know that she will get them done. Hiring her was the best business decision I made in 2015.”



[vc_willow_team_member_block name=”Jessica Burgess” photo=”315″]“Shannon has come to my rescue! Before hiring her, I was overloaded, left feeling discouraged, and almost lost.  Not only has her help eased my workload, but her brainstorming, and mad skilzzz, are by FAR the best I’ve ever worked with.”



[vc_willow_team_member_block name=”Caroline Hulse” photo=”127″]“Shannon [ of Plus One Virtual Solutions] is a fantastic virtual assistant who takes her job very seriously and is highly organized. I had two time-sensitive projects recently that she completed with time to spare. I’d say her only problem was ME not being prompt in replying to her questions ;). I love Shannon’s work and will definitely use her in the future to take certain tasks off my plate.”



[vc_willow_team_member_block name=”Chandice Probst” photo=”383″]“Words can’t begin to describe how amazing Shannon has been for my business this year. Having her has freed up time for me to focus on the creative side which is most important to me. In doing this I’ve increased my profits threefold. She has helped me get organized, beautify my brand and so much more. She is both personable and incredibly talented. I will continue to have her as my virtual assistant as long as she will allow me. I can’t recommend her enough!”



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Monthly / Starting at $150

At Plus One Virtual Solutions, we make pricing easy. Our monthly, ongoing service packages are full service solutions based on your current needs. Whether we assist with reoccurring monthly tasks or a “To-Do” list that changes, our packages are designed to provide flexibility.

Single Projects / $ Varies

We understand that sometimes you’re short on time and long on projects. Let us help take some of the pressure off by filling in the gaps. No project is too small, and we welcome the challenge of larger ones. Grab your free quote today.

Try Us for Just $49

Not sure if hiring virtual support is for you? We understand. “Budgets are tight. I don’t want to give up control. No one knows the needs of my company better than I do.” We’ve heard all of these reasons, and couldn’t agree with you more, but we’ve also seen the positive difference that an extra pair of hands can make in work efficiency and peace of mind. Why not try out one of our services for a full month to see if we can convince you otherwise.